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John Hanly & Co Ltd

Vintage Style Bright Patchwork Cap

Bright Patchwork by John Hanly
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Vintage Style Bright Patchwork Cap.

100% Wool patchwork Caps made by John Hanly & Company in County Tipperary. These are a brighter collection than our Hanna Hats Wool Patchwork Caps. Just like any patchwork cap no two are ever the same. Yours will look similar to the one pictured, but not identical. You will love the one you order knowing it's unique to you.

The patchwork patterns are sewn together from left over pieces, that would not be enough to make a cap on it's own. A great way to use up all the tweed and create something unique in the process.

These caps are also sometimes called Jeff Caps, Golf Caps or Scally Caps.

Cap Features

  • 2" Brim with snap closure,
  • Satin lining and grosgrain band
  • 100% Pure New Wool
  • Handmade In County Tipperary
  • Spot clean or dry clean only
  • Ships same day in the USA

Made by John Hanly & Company, County Tipperary, Ireland.