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SE2052 Silver Filigree Shamrock Earrings by Shanore

by Shanore
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A distinct emblem of Ireland gives these dangle earrings their decorative shape. Within the leaf of each sterling silver shamrock, 14 karat gold-plated filigree beadwork curls into clovers. The lively stem of the shamrock arcs away, as though the earring is always at ease, in carefree motion.?

Many admirers of Irish culture associate the shamrock with the legend of St. Patrick, who is said to have used the clover when he arrived in Ireland in the fifth century to teach pagan men and women the idea of the Trinity. In Christian teachings, just as the Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit generate from the same ?stem? and constitute one body, so do the three leaves of the shamrock. But countless branches of meaning have flourished from the shamrock over the years. To some, it contains supernatural power. Others may recognize it as a symbol of rebellion or sacredness.?

Luck, however, is the one modern definition of the shamrock on which Ireland lovers most likely agree. The wearer of these earrings desires to surround herself with warm feelings of good fortune, and to identify herself with a strong-willed national sensibility. She likes her jewelry to harmonize with the varied hues of her personality and dress. On the other hand, she may also like to kick up a little controversy when it comes to discussing the stories behind an icon so seemingly familiar to all.


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