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SE2034 Celtic Trinity Knot Earring by Shanore

by Shanore

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Burnished Sterling Silver forms a sleek trinity knot that is the hallmark of this set of heavy weight earrings. The liquid silver spirals in perfect symmetry, seeming to drip from the flawless clasp. Heavier than traditional earrings, this jewelry set is an ideal reminder of the strength found in the Celtic Trinity knot and the durability of a spirit supported by love, faith and friendship. 

The world is peppered with things that come in threes. Earth, Sea and Sky. Father, Mother and Child. Faith, Hope and Love. For centuries, the trinity knot has been the chosen emblem to represent the power and strength found in the the trinity. Frequently found on relics and the ancient manuscripts, this symbol captures the Irish spirit of family, love and faith. 

This set of earrings will add a distinctive edge to any outfit. Polished to a state of perfection, the sterling silver is a ideal match to any classic black dress. While best worn with evening wear, the delicate, gleaming silver will add a touch of sophistication and Celtic history to any outfit


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