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Men's Irish Handknit V-Neck Aran Cardigan

Color: Oatmeal - 9069

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Men's Irish Handknit V Neck Aran Cardigan.

These guys set the bar when it comes to 100% wool sweaters and cardigans. Built for life and will become a family heirloom if kept properly. They are timeless pieces and are always in vogue. They are of course unisex sweaters.

Our Men's Irish Handknit V Neck Cardigans are all handknit in County Cork, Ireland, taking up to 60 hours to knit an individual sweater. All our sweaters are knit using 100% Irish Wool yarn from County Donegal. Each sweater has a hang tag identifying who knit that particular sweater.

This time honored craft uses traditional patterns including the cable stitch, the diamond stitch, the zig zag stitch and the honeycomb stitch.

  • The Cable Stitch - Representing the Fisherman's ropes.
  • The Diamond Stitch - Representing the small fields on The Aran Islands and also the Fisherman's nets.
  • The Zig Zag Stitch -  Sometimes known as Marriage Lines, can be used to represent the typical highs and low of matrimony and marriage life.
  • The Honeycomb Stitch -  Signifying the bee, is often used to represent both hard work and its rewards. The honeycomb stitch may be included as a symbol of good luck, signifying plenty.

Sweater Features

  • 100% Irish Wool Yarn from County Donegal
  • Traditional patterns
  • Time honored techniques
  • Hand knit by an Irish knitter
  • Can be hand washed cold, lay flat to dry or Dry Clean
  • Ships same day in the USA

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