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Medium St. Brigid's Cross


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Medium St. Brigid's Cross .

The crosses are all made by hand and each cross measures approximately 8-9" in diameter (20-23 cm). A small rush loop is attached to one of the legs so it can be hung easily. The crosses come with an information card.

In the months of June and July Patricia O'Flaherty of Naomh Padraig Hand Crafts can be seen togged out in chest waders and armed with a sickle cutting the raw material, Bulrush (botanical name Scirpus Lacustris) on the river Shannon and various lakes and rivers in the west of Ireland. The material is then dried out slowly indoors and after a number of weeks is ready for use.

St. Brigid 'Mary of the Gael'. Born in the mid-fifth century, and buried at Downpatrick beside St. Patrick and St. Colmcille. Brigid built the first Irish Convent beside a giant oak tree -this place became known as the Church of the Oak (Cill Dara) or Kildare as it is known today. The St. Brigid's Cross is  placed in homes, and out-buildings on her feast day, February 1st, the day on which she died about 524 AD. It is believed this emblem protects the home, and animals from evil, and want.

These authentic crosses make for a great meaningful gift.

If you'd like to learn more about St. Brigid and how she has her own national public holiday starting in 2023 you can read our full blog here.


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