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Athena Knitwear

Ladies Irish Handknit Crewneck Cardigan

Natural - 1000
Red - 3717
Forest - 4669
Blue Bell - 8053
Burgundy - 8093
Oatmeal - 9069
Heather - 8039
Charcoal - 8009
Light Brown - 4126

Ladies Irish Handknit Crewneck Cardigan.

These guys set the bar when it comes to 100% wool sweaters. Built for life and will become a family heirloom if kept properly. They are timeless pieces and are always in vogue. They are of course unisex sweaters.

Our Ladies Irish Handknit Crewneck Cardigans are all handknit in County Cork, Ireland, taking up to 60 hours to knit an individual sweater. All our sweaters are knit using 100% Irish Wool yarn from County Donegal. Each cardigan has a hang tag identifying who knit that particular sweater.

This time honored craft uses traditional patterns incuding the cable stitch, the diamond stitch, the zig zag stitch and the honeycomb stitch.

  • The Cable Stitch - Representing the Fisherman's ropes.
  • The Diamond Stitch - Representing the samll fields on The Aran Islands and also the Fisherman's nets.
  • The Zig Zag Stitch -  Sometimes known as Marriage Lines, can be used to represent the typical highs and low of matrimony and marriage life.
  • The Honeycomb Stitch -  Signifying the bee, is often used to represent both hard work and its rewards. The honeycomb stitch may be included as a symbol of good luck, signifying plenty.

Sweater Features

  • 100% Irish Wool Yarn from County Donegal
  • Traditional patterns
  • Time honored techniques
  • Hand knit by an Irish knitter
  • Can be hand washed cold, lay flat to dry or Dry Clean
  • Ships same day in the USA