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Kildalton Cross

by McHarp

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Kildalton Cross.

The Kildalton Cross is a Celtic high in the churchyard of ruined medieval parish church on the island of Islay, Scotland. Carved in the second half of the 8th century AD it is often considered the finest surviving Celtic cross in Scotland. The High Cross of Kildalton, is closely related to the St John's and the St. Martin's crosses on Iona. The cross stands nearly 8 feet in height and the arms are 4 feet across.

The depictions of the cross are from the top:

Two angels
David fighting a lion
Two birds
The Virgin Mary cradling Jesus and angels on either side
The right arm panel depicts Abraham about to sacrifice Isaac
The left shows Cain murdering Abe
the bottom panel represents the boundless creativity of God

From: Island of Islay, Scotland

Due to the hand casting and proprietary staining process, each of my plaques is unique. Each cross comes with a hanger embedded in the stone. The cross comes with a descriptive tag describing the original stone, explanation of the design or information on where the cross is located.

Handmade products - Images may vary slightly from actual products. 


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