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Irish Linen Vintage Cap

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Irish Linen Vintage Cap.

The classic Irish Linen Vintage Cap cap is ideal for warmer weather as the linen is lightweight and breathes easy in the heat to keep you cool. An original design by Hanna Hats that dates back to the 1960's.

The Vintage Cap, aka the 'Irish Flat Cap' is the style that has been the most popular for decades. It's what your Dad wore and it's what your Grandfather wore too. If it was good enough for them, it's going to be good enough for you. Stylish, casual, classic! 

It's probably a good idea to add one to your collection.

Cap Features

  • Handcrafted in Ireland
  • Suitable for all genders
  • Stud fastener on the peak
  • Taffeta lining 
  • 100% Irish Linen
  • Full Bodied
  • Spot clean or dry clean only

Made by Hanna Hats in Donegal Town, County Donegal, Ireland.