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Real Irish

Handwoven Tweed - Eight Piece Cap

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Green Herringbone Handwoven Tweed
Brown Herringbone Handwoven Tweed
Blue Herringbone Handwoven Tweed
Charcoal Herringbone Handwoven Tweed
Grey Herringbone Handwoven Tweed
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This is our selection of handwoven tweed eight piece caps. Currently all Herringbone patterns.

The eight piece (AKA newsboy or paperboy) cap is made up of eight panels sewn together.

This style has a 'baggy' look from the material that hangs over the sides.

This style looks best worn by people with a round or full shaped face. It does not usually suit people with skinny or narrow shaped faces. We have a range of Fitted Newsboy Caps that look great on any shape face.

Cap Features

  • 100% handwoven tweed
  • Working snap closure on 2" brim
  • 100% pure new wool
  • Spot clean or dry clean only
  • Ships same day in the USA

Made for Real Irish by Hanna Hats in County Donegal, Ireland.