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10K Yellow Gold May Claddagh Earrings


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10K Yellow Gold May Claddagh Earrings.

These May Claddagh Earrings have a beautiful Emerald Green Cubic Zirconia stone in the Claddagh heart, the birthstone for May. The Claddagh heart symbolizes love, the hand’s friendship and the crown loyalty.

The Cubic Zirconia stone is diamond like and is a stone of clarity and creativity. It symbolizes truth and openness and reflects everything around it. The Emerald stone is unrivalled for color by any other gemstone. The Emerald was considered to be the stone of prophecy, loved by Cleopatra and the sacred stone of the Greek goddess of love, Venus. It is the stone of love, compassion and healing.

Product Specifications

SKU: BSEV2-05-10KY

Weight Sterling Silver: 2.2 grams approx.

Weight 10K Gold: 2.5 grams approx.

Weight 14K Gold: 2.8 grams approx.

Width: 9 mm approx.

Height: 15.5 mm approx.

Stone: 4 x 4 Cubic Zirconia Stone


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