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Women's Collection

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    Fisherman Out of Ireland

    Women's Outlander Style Merino Wool and Cashmere Wrap

    Original Price $147.95
    Current Price $129.95

    Women's Outlander Style Merino Wool and Cashmere Wrap. Our Fisherman Out of Ireland Aran cable wrap is a fusion of contemporary design with luxurio...

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  • Save $6.00
    Kerry Woolen Mills

    Women's Lambswool Celtic Ruana

    Original Price $135.95
    Current Price $129.95

    Women's Lambswool Celtic Ruana. Superfine soft lambswool makes these ruana's feel just right. Lightweight and warm they are ideal even in the summe...

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  • Mucros Weavers

    Mucros Weavers Skellig Scarf


    Mucros Weavers Skellig Scarf. The Mucros Weavers Skellig scarf is a blend of extra fine merino wool and cashmere and is super soft to the touch. Th...

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  • Ireland's Eye Knitwear

    Women's Trellis Sweater


    Women's Trellis Sweater. Description. With its fitted silhouette, deep flared cuff detail and flattering high neck, the Trellis Sweater is designed...

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  • Save $26.00
    Mucros Weavers

    Mucros Weavers Poncho

    Original Price $225.95
    Current Price $199.95

    Mucros Weavers Poncho. Our classic style Mucros Weavers Poncho is made from 100% wool and is one size fits all. It features a cowl neck and is line...

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