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Irish Caps & Hats

We are proud to carry the largest in-stock and ready to ship collection of Irish Caps and Hats in the USA, including those from Hanna Hats of Donegal.

Peaky Blinders Newsboy Caps

These 8 Panel fitted newsboy caps hand made in Ireland are neat on the sides (not baggy like the Eight Piece Caps) and feature an extended brim to give the cap a bit more attitude. Featured in the popular Peaky Blinders TV show, we carry this style in 15 tweeds, Irish and Scottish.


Flat Caps

Still the original and one of the most popular styles of Irish caps we sell. The Flat Cap has a wide body across the front of the cap, giving fullness, and a flat peak with a stud fastener. This iconic Irish style is worn the world over. We carry over 70 styles of Flat Caps.


Donegal Touring Caps

This cap has a slimmer body than the Flat Cap and also has a sewn down curved brim. It fits rounder and snugger to the head and feels like you're wearing a baseball style cap. A modern interpretation for for the 21st century. We carry over 100 different options.


Driving Caps

This is the same cut and style as the Flat Cap, but with an extended brim which gives it a whole new look and character of it's own.


Eight Piece Caps

This style of Newsboy Cap or Paperboy Cap also has 8 panels like the Peaky Blinders Cap, but it's much less fitted and is definitely baggy on the sides. Originally designed in the 1970's. It was inspired by the newspaper boys and girls of the 1920's and 1930's. This cap features eight panels of equal size and shape and resembles an old spinning wheel. The peak is flat, and the body of the cap is full, sitting tall and full on the head.


Walking Hats

The tweed Walking Hat has a solid, structured body and brim. The brim will protect your face from the elements, the body sits tall. A favorite with walkers of all ages.


Earflap Caps

This cap is the Flat Cap with extra cloth tailored to fit over and cover your ears for those colder winter months. When you don't need warm ears, the extra cloth tucks under and inside the cap so it looks just like a Flat Cap again. 2 for 1 in reality. A bargain!


Tweed Baseball Style Caps

John Hanly & Co's Tweed Baseball Cap exudes Irish craftsmanship and practical design. Perfect for chillier days, it uniquely marries the classic appeal of tweed with a modern baseball cap style, and features hidden earflaps for added warmth when needed. Made from 100% Pure New Wool, it promises durability and comfort.

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