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  • Wood Quay Green Stone Heart Shaped Pendant

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Wood Quay Green Stone Heart Shaped Pendant



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Wood Quay Green Stone Heart Shaped Pendant.

One Thousand years Ago the Vikings raided and plundered Irish Monasteries and Churches for their gold and silver.
The Vikings were eventually driven out of Ireland by Brian Boru, the last High King of Ireland, but much of their heritage remained. 
'Wood Quay' was the name given to the the most prominent site of the Viking settlement in Dublin. 
When excavated, many of their interesting and valuable artifacts were discovered. 
This piece was inspired and designed from that collection. 
Oxidized Sterling Silver with 18K Gold Beading.

* All pieces are individually packaged in a luxurious two piece presentation box.

Handmade in Dublin, Ireland.

Hallmarked by Dublin Castle Assay Office.