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Woven with Love: The Harris Tweed Story for Mother's Day

Woven with Love: The Harris Tweed Story for Mother's Day

Stuart Marley |

Craftsmanship meets tradition meets quality in the story of Harris Tweed, a world-famous woolen product emanating from Scotland’s Outer Hebrides.

The Outer Hebrides — also known as the Western Isles — are home to the famous and famously windswept islands of South Uist, Lewis and Harris. 

Amid these rugged landscapes lies the birthplace of one of the world's most sought after textiles.

Pure virgin wools sourced from mainland Scotland are blended harmoniously with the locally reared wool of the sheep of Harris. 

In early summer each year, the island communities unite for the timeless ritual of shearing before adding their homegrown wool to the mainland clip to make Harris Tweed.

The wool is later meticulously washed and dyed at the island mills, with a secret blend of colored wool creating the kaleidoscope of colors that make Harris Tweed unique. 

Every inch of Harris Tweed is handwoven on treadle looms, the expert weavers imbuing each fabric with their own touch of magic.

Standing as a beacon of heritage in the modern world, Harris Tweed is formally protected by UK parliamentary decree. These days it can be hard to escape globalized mass production, but Harris Tweed offers a sublime contrast, a testament to the enduring legacy of hand, eye and landscape, a unique heritage to be found only in the heart of these rugged, remote and ravishing islands off Britain’s north-west coast.

Glen Appin of Scotland is perhaps the world’s most renowned producer of Harris Tweed bags, purses and accessories. 

Among the delights that might be a perfect fit for a Mother’s Day gift is the classic Glen Appin Harris Tweed handbag, available in a variety of tartans and check patterns. 

With two 8" handles, a zippered pocket in the center, ample space on either side, and a gorgeous press stud fastening to close, this bag is ideal for everything a woman might need for a good day out — or maybe even a good night!

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