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Orders are currently shipping within 24 hours.

SW38 Tree Of Life Necklace Adorned By Tanzanite Swarovski Crystals by Shanore

by Shanore
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The magnificent color of the tanzanite crystals from Swarovski® creates an alluring background in this Tree of Life Pendant. The tree, both decorated with and surrounded by white Swarovski crystals, features a finely carved display of interwoven branches and roots stemming from a powerful trunk of sterling silver.

Spiritual Communication

Tanzanite is said to be one of the most important gems for aiding in the path of spiritual exploration and communication with higher powers. The stone is said to possess and energy that instills the ability to meditate effectively, while focusing on the internal journey to wisdom. Similarly the Tree of Life has long been considered in Celtic tradition as the communication link between the heavens and the earth, allowing humans to interact with the Gods. 

Work of Art

Just as a painting can be appreciated for many reasons, so can this incredible pendant, with its deep symbolism, fabulous style, and pop of bright color. The necklace looks best when paired with a top or dress that is free of distracting patterns, to allow the eye to explore each intricate detail in this work of art.




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