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SP2104 Sterling Silver Fisherman's Knot Necklace by Shanore

by Shanore
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The Sterling Silver Fisherman?s Knot Pendant is a symbolic testament to the power of love. The two ropes crafted out of sterling silver are fashioned into a traditional Fisherman?s knot, and when looked at closely, are tied in such a way to give the impression of two hearts joined together as well. 

Strength Under Pressure

The Fisherman?s knot is also called the True Lover?s Knot, as the design is a perfect metaphor for a committed relationship. Two ropes are tied together using an overhand knot, which symbolize the joining of two individuals into one union. When stress is applied to the knot, rather than breaking it increases in strength, which represents the true test of marriage- how well it holds up in difficult situations. 

Sign of Commitment

The Sterling Silver Fisherman?s Knot Pendant would be an extremely meaningful gift to give as a wedding present to your soon-to-be bride, to demonstrate your commitment to building a marriage that will withstand any and all trials. When given as an anniversary gift, it can represent what the two of you have been through and overcome.


METAL: Sterling Silver
WEIGHT: 6.2 grams
WIDTH: 20mm
HEIGHT: 15mm
CHAIN: 18" Sterling Silver Belcher, Bolt Ring Catch

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