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SE2026 Celtic Trinity Knot Diamond Set Earrings by Shanore

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Polished sterling silver is combined with an immaculate band of diamonds in this delicate set of earrings. Dangling from two silver bars, the silver has been molded into an intricate Celtic Knot and interlaced with a diamond hoop. The unique design melds tradition with contemporary style, and reflects the true modern Celtic woman. 

A Trifold History

The Celtic Trinity Knot is a well known emblem in Irish history. The knot represents all the important trinities in life; the Father, Son and Holy Ghost; mother, father and child; and  the past, present and future. The simple diamond band that encircles the knot demonstrates the underlying strength of the trinity, whether it be faith, love or loyalty.

An Elegant Affair

These sterling silver earrings are the perfect compliment for the sophisticated wardrobe. The polished silver and sparkling diamonds are best suited for black tie events. Combined with a favorite black dress, or silk blouse- these earrings are the perfect last touch to any outfit.


METAL: Sterling Silver
WIDTH: 15mm
HEIGHT: 17mm