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  • Guinness Toucan 20 oz Pint Glass

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Guinness Toucan 20 oz Pint Glass



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Revel in nostalgia with our retro Guinness Toucan Pint Glass. Originally appearing in 1930's advertisements, the Guinness Toucan has become synonymous with the historic brand.

This 20 oz pint glass features the iconic Guinness Toucan on the front, perched on the Guinness Logo while balancing a pint on his beak!

  • 1 glass $10.95 each
  • 2 glasses @ $9.95 each = $19.90  'GOOD DEAL'
  • 4 glasses @ $8.95 each = $35.80 'BETTER DEAL'
  • 6 glasses @ $7.95 each = $47.70 'GREAT DEAL'
  • 12 glasses @ $6.95 each = $83.40 'BEST DEAL'
  • Clear Guinness harp on one side
  • Small gold color harp and Guinness on the other side
  • 20oz Just like in Ireland
  • Imported
  • Hand Wash Only

Guinness® Official Merchandise: This product celebrates an extraordinary brand, which for over two centuries has been held in great affection around the world. For many, Guinness® has come to symbolize a way of life, always with style, wit, and good humor. This product is intended for purchase and enjoyment by people of legal purchase age for alcoholic beverages.

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