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Dysert O'Dea Cross by McHarp

A 12th century limestone High Cross which stands 11 feet high.  The east face is dominated by a figure of Christ in a long robe and triumphantly stretching forth his arms.  Beneath Him, a bishop with mitre and volute crozier, probably representing the local saint, Tola, who founded a monastery in the 8th century.  The hole is where the right hand, a separate carved stone, was attached but is now gone.

McHarp Ceramic Celtic Crosses. McHarp products are made of clay/ceramic. All McHarp artwork and crosses are hand-crafted and inspired by designs from antiquity. Each piece, based on an actual artifact or standing stone in the Celtic world, is accompanied by a tag in which the time period and culture are described.

McHarp Ceramics.

East Face,  Co. Clare, Ireland

12 1/2" x 5”