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Donegal Tweed Scarf - Silver Grey Herringbone

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Donegal Tweed Scarf - Silver Grey Herringbone
These scarves are made with the same tweed as the Donegal Tweed Caps, hand-woven by Eddie Doherty of 100% pure new wool.

Sewn-in label of authenticity reads, "Eddie Doherty. Handwoven Tweed.
Ardara. Co. Donegal. Ireland."

With over 50 years experience, Eddie Doherty is one of a few remaining handweavers working in Donegal, the most northern county in Ireland (and the traditional capital of Irish tweed). Working on an antique loom in the small North Atlantic village of Ardara, Eddie Doherty produces Donegal Tweed that is beautiful, nuanced, and complex. If you've ever seen or felt Eddie Doherty's tweeds, you instantly recognize the quality of his weaving. Eddie Doherty's work is legendary.

So what's different between hand-loomed tweed and power-loomed tweed?
"Power loomed" tweed is wool that is woven by machine, and while it makes for a more "perfect" weave, it leaves out the distinctive texture and characteristics of the handweaver.

Don't settle for cheap imitations of Donegal Handwoven Tweed when you can get the real thing.

Spot clean as needed or professionally dry clean. If wet, let air dry
- do not dry with heat (to prevent shrinkage).

100% made in County Donegal, Ireland.

Approx. 9.5" W x 72" L.