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Hanna Hats

Assorted Tweeds - Eight Piece Cap

Grey Salt and Pepper
Blue Fine Herringbone

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Think 'Peaky Blinders' here and you're set.

The eight piece (AKA newsboy or paperboy) cap is made up of eight panels sewn together.

This style has a  'baggy' look from the material that hangs over the sides.

This style looks best worn by people with a round or full shaped face. It does not usually suit people with skinny or narrow shaped faces. We have a range of Fitted Newsboy Caps that look great on any shape face.

Cap Features

  • Working snap closure on 2" brim
  • 100% pure new wool
  • Made in Ireland
  • Spot clean or dry clean only
  • Ships same day in the USA

Made by Hanna Hats in County Donegal, Ireland.