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  • Wild Goose Studio - I am Still Learning
  • Wild Goose Studio - I am Still Learning
  • Wild Goose Studio - I am Still Learning

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Wild Goose Studio

Wild Goose Studio - I am Still Learning



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Bronze wall plaque with a resin interior

I am still learning
translates from the Italian, "Ancora Imparo"
Ancora Imparo, a quote from the great Italian renaissance artist Michelangelo, w hen he was in his 80s.

Given his achievements in painting, sculpture, poetry and architecture, this humility is striking and strongly reminiscent of the Greek Philosopher Socrates, "The wise man knows that he knows nothing".

Cast by hand in Ireland at the Wild Goose Studios, Kinsale, County Cork.

Bronze pieces can be hung indoors or in a protected place outdoors. Indoors, polish gently with a soft cloth; outdoors bronze will develop verdigris.
Ready to hang. 
On the back of each piece there is a label that explains it's origins and significance, so that you can understand the imagination that lies behind it.
3" H x 5 1/2" W x 1/2" D
Made by hand, in Kinsale County Cork, Ireland.