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  • Be Still And Know That I Am, Bronze Wall Plaque
  • Wild Goose Studio - Be Still and Know That I Am
  • Wild Goose Studio - Be Still and Know That I Am

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Wild Goose Studio

Wild Goose Studio - Be Still and Know That I Am

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Bronze wall plaque with a resin interior

Be Still and Know That I am
Design is from a stone carving by Lida Lopes Kindersley, wording from the Bible, Psalm 46, v.5,"Be still then, and know that I am God."

Stillness and meditation, an alternative to the confusion of everyday life, can be a starting point for prayer and knowledge of God.

Also in the Bible, Exodus III, v.14, "I am that I am." This declaration of the eternal God expresses His unity and spirituality. In Exodus, for the Jews in bondage, it was an assurance of the fact of deliverance, but not the means.

"Art has something to do with the achievement
of stillness in the midst of chaos.
A stillness which characterizes prayer, too,
and the eye of the arrest in the midst of distraction."
~Saul Bellow

Cast by hand in Ireland at the Wild Goose Studios, Kinsale, County Cork.

Bronze pieces can be hung indoors or in a protected place outdoors. Indoors, polish gently with a soft cloth; outdoors bronze will develop verdigris.
Ready to hang. 
On the back of each piece there is a label that explains it's origins and significance, so that you can understand the imagination that lies behind it.
15" H x 6" W x 1/2" D
Made by hand, in Kinsale County Cork, Ireland.